Another Asuka Dress Up update

2010-08-29 21:31:11 by TheMJ

So its the end of August and I'm still not done my big "come back" game. Actually, I've only put in a few more hours since I last updated you on my progress. Mainly for my own sake, I'm posting a list of what I see as the features of the game right now, followed by tits for all y'all.

Photo mode
(Superimposes "frame" over the game allowing the user to screen capture their creation)

- Asuka's bedroom (pictured below)
- NERV hanger
- NERV logo

(Very much subject to change)
- Barefoot in the Park (Eva OST)
- Migawari no Shinnyu (End of Eva OST)
- Tokyo-3 theme (Symphony of Eva)
- NGE instrumental theme
- Fly me to the moon instrumental
- No music option

(these won't be drag and drop- they will have an on/off switch)
- Test plugsuit
- Rebuild plugsuit
- Yamashita figure plugsuit

(Not too much variety- I want this game to be about the art more than the selection)
- Uniforms (school uniform and gym uniform)
- Baithing (Bikini and towel)
- All casual wear worn in the series (yellow dress, etc...)
- Sexy costumes; not cannon to series (Waitress, flight attendant, nurse, maid uniform, Playboy bunny)
- Gothic Lolita dress(es)
- Cosplay; potential unlockable (Yoko, Hatsune Miku, moot-tan, TCC-tan)
- Other sexy apparel; potential unlockable (Domanatrix apparel, sexy Nazi uniform, band-aid bikini, futanari "add on", frilly lingerie things)

Other features
- Asuka makes sounds when you click her (taken from the Kissake games s_asuka.lzh and s_asuka2.lzh- both of were IMPOSSIBLE to find might I add)
- Asuka makes faces when provoked and blinks (Ahaegooooo~)
- Vuvuzela (probably an easter egg)

As far as unlocking clothing sets goes, how should they be unlocked? By interacting with background scenery, nearly invisible buttons...? What do you think?
Also, are there any other costumes or clothing choices you would like to see in the game that I havn't included?


Another Asuka Dress Up update

Quick update because I've made a lot of progress today and I'm pretty happy with it.
So far I have all the base artwork done (minus her hair), one pair of panties and a photo frame. I thought the photo frame might be a cool option to turn on where once you have Asuka dressed, you can turn on the frame. If you hit print screen while playing, you will have an image that will comfortably fit a 1280 x 800 desktop!
Without getting to ahead of myself, I'm thinking of adding in some Easter eggs such at futa mode, tentacles and all that good stuff to keep you sick fucks happy (no really, I love you guys).

As far as outfits go, so far I'm thinking:
- Test plugsuit + rebuild plugsuit + Yamashita figure plugsuit
- School uniform + gym uniform
- Towel + baithing suit
- All casual wear worn in the series
- Waitress + flight attendant + nurse + maid uniforms
- Playboy bunny costume
- Gothic Lolita dress
- Yoko cosplay (potential unlockable)
- Miku cosplay (potential unlockable)
- Domanatrix apparel (potential unlockable)
- Sexy Nazi uniform (potential unlockable)
- Moot-tan cosplay (potential unlockable)
- Vuvuzela (potential unlockable)

Am I missing anything? What else would you like to see Asuka in?

Another update on the Asuka Dress Up project

Sup NewGrounds?

I know I've been saying this for the past 3 years but I'm going to make another dress up game.
For those of you who know me from the cosplay scene, I've had some serious bone up lately to Neon Genesis Evangelion (Check out my CosCom portfolio!) Therefore in celebration of the new Evangelion 2.0 movie, I thought I'd make a dress up game of Asuka Langley Shikinami.
I know a lot of attraction to my previous dress up sets has been due to lots of clothing choices with decent art quality. This time around, I'm just going to have a few outfits for her that are canon to the series (including clothing of some of the other characters) and maybe a few costume outfits that are reoccurring to old school KiSS games(think nurse's uniform, playboy bunny, waitress, etc...) Anyway, I guess what I'm getting at here is that instead of lots of decent tier clothing items, I'm going to have a smaller wardrobe with God tier clothing items. Playing around with the blur filter in Flash CS4 is so much fun since I haven't made a game yet on anything past Macromedia Flash 8.

Anyway, other features I'm planning to include:
- Multiple music tracks
- Multiple backgrounds (any suggestions?)
- Snap to objects
- Unlockable clothing sets (any ideas on how these sets should be unlockable/what kind of clothing should be unlocked?)
- Interactive echi features (What kind of sexy features would you look for in a dress up game?)
- Is there anything else you think should be included in this game? I'm counting on this being my best to date so all suggestions are welcome!

This should be done by the end of the summer. Shouldn't take too long but I'm really enjoying what I have worked on so far and I am absolutely infatuated with the color palette I'm using for this project.
Any questions, comments, feedback or thoughts?

Until we meet again NewGrounds,


Evangelion 2.0 echi dress up for release later this summer!

I'm not dead, I promise (although I almost died last summer cause I was 80 something pounds) I've just been busy with University and a bunch of shit I know you NewGrounds folk aren't into reading up on.
More dress up games eventually.
I have no idea what of at this point but this summer, I promise.
Meanwhile, check out my cosplay portfolioz:

Emmjay @ / Emmjay @ Coaplay Lab / Emmjay @ CosSpace

What I do when I'm not making dress up games.
Any ideas for dress up games? I'm 100x better at the arts now btw.

More Tank Girl Dress Up

2008-08-10 15:52:16 by TheMJ

Today is my 18th birthday (but thats is hardly the point of this post)
Just a follow up to my last entry regarding Tank Girl Dress Up, I've made a bit of progress on it. There are a few more clothing items than just those pictured below but most of my work went into the sand and the lenseflare anyway so you're not missing out. This is my first time using Flash 9 and sadly possibly the last as my new Mac Book (sans any kind of flash program) comes in next week and I'm off to study Fashion Design the week after in Toronto for four years.

If you want a clearer version of the sample image, click here.

Questions, comments, thoughts?

More Tank Girl Dress Up

Dearest Newgrounds,

Once again, I seemed to have forgotten my passward. To complicate matters even more, I forgot my e-mail address as well. Alas, I bring this message to a point: this summer I'll be working nonstop and part of "working" includes making flash games and of some of those, I will try to pop out at least one or two for Newgrounds. I'm thinking of maybe doing a Tank Girl dress up. I remember seeing one on the portal at least 100 years ago and was saddened to see it gone (if ever it existed at all).

So what do you think? What dress-up games would you like to see from me this summer? (I consider no suggestion to be a bad suggestion, fire away!)

Any ideas for dress-up games this summer?

I have reason to believe my brain may have just possibly exploded.


TheMJ Dress Up of Madness II

2007-08-14 23:23:32 by TheMJ

Good morning childrens!

My oh my, hasn't Newgrounds changed a lot since last I visited? Anyhoo, I'm here to bring you news that I'm working on "TheMJ Dress Up of Madness II" as of yesterday. It stands at about 15% completion at the moment. Who knows, I may just finish this one (seeing as only one in ten dress ups I work on ever make it to the portal, this is quite exciting!)

Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the past three or so years. It is such an amazing thing to know that your work is being appreciated by hundreds of people every day and to have them review the fruits of your labor. I didn't submit any work from late 2004 until 2007 due to school and what not but my most recent submission "Space Channel 5 Dress Up" sets the bar very high for my current project. This is to say that although this game doesn't appear in collections (yet), it is worth it for all of you to come check out. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Aah, well there I go rambling again. I hope to hear what all of you think about my latest project. Until then, enjoy my current works!

TheMJ Dress Up of Madness II