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TheMJ Dress Up of Madness II

2007-08-14 23:23:32 by TheMJ

Good morning childrens!

My oh my, hasn't Newgrounds changed a lot since last I visited? Anyhoo, I'm here to bring you news that I'm working on "TheMJ Dress Up of Madness II" as of yesterday. It stands at about 15% completion at the moment. Who knows, I may just finish this one (seeing as only one in ten dress ups I work on ever make it to the portal, this is quite exciting!)

Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the past three or so years. It is such an amazing thing to know that your work is being appreciated by hundreds of people every day and to have them review the fruits of your labor. I didn't submit any work from late 2004 until 2007 due to school and what not but my most recent submission "Space Channel 5 Dress Up" sets the bar very high for my current project. This is to say that although this game doesn't appear in collections (yet), it is worth it for all of you to come check out. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Aah, well there I go rambling again. I hope to hear what all of you think about my latest project. Until then, enjoy my current works!

TheMJ Dress Up of Madness II


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2007-08-27 02:06:04

Hey long time no see, how is life.

TheMJ responds:

Life drolls on sadisfactorialy. How have you been? Still living in Alberta?


2007-09-03 13:28:38

I have a Question?Why do you make only Dress up games.Do you make cartoons or maybe a other kind of game

TheMJ responds:

Because I'm self taught in Flash so my skills are very minimal. If I put the time into it, I could produce another kind of game (more likely a game than animation) but I really don't have a lot of spare time lately. D:


2007-09-04 10:19:57

I love the huge variaty of fashion in the games. Well done.
You have to be one of the rare poeples of the internets that have a strong fashion sense. What's your opinion on mullets? :P

TheMJ responds:

Heh, thank you. I'm supposedly a prospective fashions student so I guess I aught to be.

As for my oppinion on mullets... Hurm... Never on the first date!


2007-09-09 23:00:28

yeah i moved here from Vancouver. suckass though i hate in in reddeer...