Any ideas for dress-up games this summer?

2008-06-17 22:11:26 by TheMJ

Dearest Newgrounds,

Once again, I seemed to have forgotten my passward. To complicate matters even more, I forgot my e-mail address as well. Alas, I bring this message to a point: this summer I'll be working nonstop and part of "working" includes making flash games and of some of those, I will try to pop out at least one or two for Newgrounds. I'm thinking of maybe doing a Tank Girl dress up. I remember seeing one on the portal at least 100 years ago and was saddened to see it gone (if ever it existed at all).

So what do you think? What dress-up games would you like to see from me this summer? (I consider no suggestion to be a bad suggestion, fire away!)

Any ideas for dress-up games this summer?


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2008-06-17 22:16:09

i dont have a clue


2008-06-17 23:56:36

a tankgirl dress up would be cool


2008-06-18 00:41:22

multi persons... multi poses... dont cut corners...


2008-06-18 04:05:22

You're cute and talented!


2008-06-18 04:15:23

"a tankgirl dress up would be cool"

yer i would agree with that make it a bit sxc 2 =p

TheMJ responds:

I think it would be harder to make not sexy. :P


2008-06-18 06:46:18

The different position idea of d3monk is nice...


2008-06-18 09:32:35

Dress up the drunken, creepy uncle at the family reunion?


2008-06-18 10:10:30

tank girl would be cool if you manage to match the style of the series.. ive always loved how it was drawn. hmm actually i have a silly idea.... PM me.


2008-06-18 10:25:14



2008-06-18 12:11:07

How can u be in front page news when u have no awars well why dont u make a cool beach backgrounds and awesome sweem suits buts and other summer clothes

TheMJ responds:

Because 71% of the games I made when I was 13?


2008-06-18 13:07:51

Considering the way you dress, i think not finding ideas for clothes is the last problem you can EVER face.

TheMJ responds:

My day: You pretty much made it.


2008-06-18 23:54:33

mm I find it to be intresting when a dressing game has cool graphics and some fun, some cool, some funny, some weird and some sexy, posible dress-ups. But then againg I'm not into dress-up games. But if you make a plataform game with tankgirl dressed-up the way you choose, bet that will get more points.. at least here in newgrounds.. that's what this guy thinks, sorry for the ultra-long comment.


2008-06-19 00:12:26

wow, i checked your games.. they have really good graphics!! nice!!


2008-06-23 15:05:53

when you make whichever dressup game, draw an anime character of you and put them in there too...


2008-07-01 19:53:48

"Dress up the drunken, creepy uncle at the family reunion?"

That might not be a bad idea. I don't remember being a Dirty Drunkard Dressup or anything simillar in NG. And i'd love to pick between different broken rags and liquor stains as accesories.


2008-07-03 23:40:30

You forgot your E-mail and password? I neer forget any of that.

And for a dress-up game the only dress-up I play is the Dress My Babe series I like is Dress my Babe, if you would make something inspired by that, that would be nice, and Geneticeye is a really nice guy.

TheMJ responds:

Geneticeye has done some amazing work, I agree. But I think its useless to try to do the same thing which has already been done, seeing as its hard to explore outside of the parameters which have already been set. I prefer to do my own thing but maybe thats just me. :P


2008-07-19 14:41:25

Steals your kandi XP