More Tank Girl Dress Up

2008-08-10 15:52:16 by TheMJ

Today is my 18th birthday (but thats is hardly the point of this post)
Just a follow up to my last entry regarding Tank Girl Dress Up, I've made a bit of progress on it. There are a few more clothing items than just those pictured below but most of my work went into the sand and the lenseflare anyway so you're not missing out. This is my first time using Flash 9 and sadly possibly the last as my new Mac Book (sans any kind of flash program) comes in next week and I'm off to study Fashion Design the week after in Toronto for four years.

If you want a clearer version of the sample image, click here.

Questions, comments, thoughts?

More Tank Girl Dress Up


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2008-08-10 15:57:35

Can you fully undress her?

TheMJ responds:



2008-08-10 16:38:57

That looks really good. Happy 18th birthday. I'll be 18 on September 11th. I hope everything goes well with Fashion Design for you. Toronto isn't that bad of a place lol. I just in a city just outside of it so I've got to visit once in a while. I can't wait for the game to be finished. I'm working on a game myself :).


2008-09-04 20:53:26

wow... its really coming along... cant wait... keep up the good work, happy bday, and hope you have fun...


2008-09-19 18:31:47

Your dressup games rock :)


2008-10-07 15:37:29

yeah your dress up games are the best! hope this will be ready soon :D


2008-10-31 14:50:05

happy 18 birthday!
that looks pretty good, I just can't wait
something tells me it's going to be your best dress up...
keep up the good work^^


2008-12-29 06:32:16

Oh Damn! You are so sexy!


2009-02-08 19:36:35

Your games are the shit, and I'm definitely looking forward to playing this one! Tank Girl is the best!!


2009-02-11 13:43:32

The sand really is magnifiscent, but it sorta doesn't fit with the girl, she is too cartoon-ish compared to the background. Maybe remove outlines, but you have to start everything on that girl from the beginning. I'd suggest put a function to make her change position, with several different poses. I usually don't play dressup games because they aren't interactive enough, that's just my point anyway. Good luck with your studies.


2009-04-06 12:54:11

nice job on ur games i would make preview but im banned cuzz ppl don't like my truthful way of telling them wuts wrong with there game/audio/flash work so ya but nice job


2009-04-06 12:54:45

and o ya ur newest work looks awesome


2009-04-08 21:02:57

i love all your dress up game and tank girl is one of my FAVE movies of all time, come out with the tank girl dress up soon or i'll die!


2009-05-23 01:48:29

This is kinda irrelevant, but your hair is awesome :D


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