Shameless egotistic plugging of my cosplay

2010-04-24 04:28:31 by TheMJ

I'm not dead, I promise (although I almost died last summer cause I was 80 something pounds) I've just been busy with University and a bunch of shit I know you NewGrounds folk aren't into reading up on.
More dress up games eventually.
I have no idea what of at this point but this summer, I promise.
Meanwhile, check out my cosplay portfolioz:

Emmjay @ / Emmjay @ Coaplay Lab / Emmjay @ CosSpace

What I do when I'm not making dress up games.
Any ideas for dress up games? I'm 100x better at the arts now btw.


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2010-06-03 00:53:15

Fifth Element Lilu dress-up


2010-06-22 16:39:41

Here are some ideas:
Dress-up Asuka or Rei from Evangelion
Dress-up a goth girl
Motoko from GITS

You're really good at cosplay too. The Sailor Moon StarS one is my favourite.