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Another Asuka Dress Up update

2010-08-29 21:31:11 by TheMJ

So its the end of August and I'm still not done my big "come back" game. Actually, I've only put in a few more hours since I last updated you on my progress. Mainly for my own sake, I'm posting a list of what I see as the features of the game right now, followed by tits for all y'all.

Photo mode
(Superimposes "frame" over the game allowing the user to screen capture their creation)

- Asuka's bedroom (pictured below)
- NERV hanger
- NERV logo

(Very much subject to change)
- Barefoot in the Park (Eva OST)
- Migawari no Shinnyu (End of Eva OST)
- Tokyo-3 theme (Symphony of Eva)
- NGE instrumental theme
- Fly me to the moon instrumental
- No music option

(these won't be drag and drop- they will have an on/off switch)
- Test plugsuit
- Rebuild plugsuit
- Yamashita figure plugsuit

(Not too much variety- I want this game to be about the art more than the selection)
- Uniforms (school uniform and gym uniform)
- Baithing (Bikini and towel)
- All casual wear worn in the series (yellow dress, etc...)
- Sexy costumes; not cannon to series (Waitress, flight attendant, nurse, maid uniform, Playboy bunny)
- Gothic Lolita dress(es)
- Cosplay; potential unlockable (Yoko, Hatsune Miku, moot-tan, TCC-tan)
- Other sexy apparel; potential unlockable (Domanatrix apparel, sexy Nazi uniform, band-aid bikini, futanari "add on", frilly lingerie things)

Other features
- Asuka makes sounds when you click her (taken from the Kissake games s_asuka.lzh and s_asuka2.lzh- both of were IMPOSSIBLE to find might I add)
- Asuka makes faces when provoked and blinks (Ahaegooooo~)
- Vuvuzela (probably an easter egg)

As far as unlocking clothing sets goes, how should they be unlocked? By interacting with background scenery, nearly invisible buttons...? What do you think?
Also, are there any other costumes or clothing choices you would like to see in the game that I havn't included?


Another Asuka Dress Up update


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2010-08-29 22:23:01

Unlock Rei lesbian hug achievement.


2010-08-29 23:08:53

Can I dress up the Eva units instead?

TheMJ responds:

No- they don't have tits.


2010-08-29 23:39:48

Wait, you're attractive... how can you be so batshit?


2010-08-29 23:40:23

I mean like batshit crazy... for the record, not the literal shit itself.

TheMJ responds:

H- how am I crazy? :O


2010-08-29 23:53:44

i'm not complaining about that Jordon.


2010-08-30 00:03:12


TheMJ responds:



2010-08-30 04:00:50

People still care about dressup games?


2010-08-30 09:13:55

Oh wait...another one...a more thoughtful idea.

Because Evangelion anime series wouldn't exist without the works of Gainax Studios...

Try Character Costumes from various anime's that they produced.

-Cutie Honey
-Haruko (FLCL)
-Fey Valentine

TheMJ responds:

I... am quite in love with the idea of using other characters from other Gainax productions. YOUR COMMENT WAS THOUGHTFUL AND YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF TODAY.
Also, Ultraman panties.


2010-08-30 11:08:42

i think it looks cool except for those rectangle things on her nipples. I dont think they look like that. pls fix.

TheMJ responds:

I don't know about you but every pair of breasts I've ever come across have had polarizing rectangles of black film over the- yeah no, I'm just being a dick and don't want to unleash GLORIOUS NIPPLES upon NG until I finish this project. That and I don't want to get spanked for having titties all over my page where kids can lap 'em up.


2010-08-30 14:24:15

i agree with luis, whats up with the black rectangle things on her nips?


2010-08-30 19:07:05

I think there are better sites than NG that can suggest better suggestions. Like any forum that has Hentai in the title.

Anyway, looking smexy, I can't wait to go to Porn Mode and play it.


2010-09-06 14:25:11

I agree with Jordan's comment about you being attractive and crazy.

You should make a Spike from Cowboy Bebop dress up game because your female ones are sexist. And I find it offensive.

I checked out your other games. "dress up MJ 1 and 2" are both sorta inaccurate. The first one you had boobs, and the 2nd one you made yourself tall.

-with love

cody LOL


2010-09-06 14:27:23

Can you unlock the extra costumes by forcing people to dress up the Asuka in the complete costume and just work down the costume line until all are unlocked. THEN you can remove her bra without her going eeek.

TheMJ responds:

Cool. How about you code this for me, bro.


2010-11-28 18:44:39


I love all ur games and i wanna know if i can find oyu on DeviantART.com


2012-07-01 19:43:51

how about bondage and fetish outfits and resident evil cosplay outfits and batman/robin the girl wonder outfits and other sex toys


2013-09-06 11:23:34

I hope you'll eventually release this at some point, it really sounds awesome.