Another update on the Asuka Dress Up project

2010-07-22 07:28:35 by TheMJ

Quick update because I've made a lot of progress today and I'm pretty happy with it.
So far I have all the base artwork done (minus her hair), one pair of panties and a photo frame. I thought the photo frame might be a cool option to turn on where once you have Asuka dressed, you can turn on the frame. If you hit print screen while playing, you will have an image that will comfortably fit a 1280 x 800 desktop!
Without getting to ahead of myself, I'm thinking of adding in some Easter eggs such at futa mode, tentacles and all that good stuff to keep you sick fucks happy (no really, I love you guys).

As far as outfits go, so far I'm thinking:
- Test plugsuit + rebuild plugsuit + Yamashita figure plugsuit
- School uniform + gym uniform
- Towel + baithing suit
- All casual wear worn in the series
- Waitress + flight attendant + nurse + maid uniforms
- Playboy bunny costume
- Gothic Lolita dress
- Yoko cosplay (potential unlockable)
- Miku cosplay (potential unlockable)
- Domanatrix apparel (potential unlockable)
- Sexy Nazi uniform (potential unlockable)
- Moot-tan cosplay (potential unlockable)
- Vuvuzela (potential unlockable)

Am I missing anything? What else would you like to see Asuka in?

Another update on the Asuka Dress Up project


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2010-07-22 08:06:49

How about a "Bandaid" bikini?

snicker...Oh those Japanese....they come up with some pretty kinky stuff.

TheMJ responds:

Consider it done.